The Radiopharmaceuticals Production and Research Centre (RPRC-PET-UW)
under construction


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The scheme of the U-200 cyclotron rooms with the experimental positions and area for the radiopharmaceuticals production.



Pole tekstowe: The upper part of the diagram shows the division of Warsaw Radiopharmaceuticals Production and Research Centre, placed underground (7 m).

U-200 Heavy Ion Cyclotron



Pole tekstowe: The lower part of layout shows the heavy ion cyclotron, the beam lines and the nuclear physics experimental area.





Radiopharmaceuticals production area


The proton / deuteron cyclotron and its control room is to the left of the figure. Two independent production rooms are in the middle of the figure (first for routine production of 18FDG and the second for other radiopharmaceuticals). The Quality Control room is to the right of the figure.