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Wersja polska


Program of presentation of experiments

proposed for the Warsaw Cyclotron
to be scheduled from October 2011 till February 2012

HIL, Warsaw, Pasteura 5a
10:00-10:05K. Rusek Welcome
10:05-10:30 J. Choiński Status report of the Laboratory and equipment
10:30-10:50 E. Grodner DSA lifetime measurements of the excited states belonging to partner bands of 124Cs
10:50-11:10 J. Perkowski The investigation of the role of triaxiality in the K quantum number violation in decay of K isomer in 134Nd
11:10-11:30 K. Hadyńska-Klęk Determination of the low spin level scheme in 42Ca for the COULEX analysis of the first AGATA experiment
11:30-11:50  Coffee break
11:50-12:10 W. Kurcewicz Search for α-decaying isomers in 218Fr and 222Ac
12:10-12:30 A. Trzcińska Weak couplings in back-scattering of 20Ne on Ni isotopes - excitation energy measurements
12:30-12:50 S. Kliczewski Study of the 6,7Li(15N,X) and 12C(15N,X) transfer reaction
12:50-13:10 Z. Szefliński Biological effects in line of cancer cells irradiated by carbon beam
13:10-13:30 A. Pakou Study of the 20Ne+ 28Si at near barrier energies: elastic scattering and relevant reaction mechanisms
13:30-13:50 N. Burtebayev Measurements of the elastic scattering of 16O on 12C at energies 2 and 2.5 MeV/u
13:50-15:00  Lunch break
15:30-  Closed PAC meeting