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Student teams

A. Ion optics (supervisors: O. Steczkiewicz, P. Gmaj, A. Trzcińska)

  1. Adam Wróbel (Gdańsk University of Technology)
  2. David Cruz Fernández (University of Huelva)
  3. Maya Ivanova Zhekova (University of Sofia)
Final presentation

B. Rutherford scattering (supervisors: J. Iwanicki, J. Srebrny)

  1. Edyta Herczyńska (Gdańsk University of Technology)
  2. Stanimir Petrov Kisyov (University of Sofia)
  3. Elena Barrios Diaz (University of Huelva)
Final presentation

C. Gamma-ray spectroscopy (supervisors: M. Palacz, J. Mierzejewski)

  1. Gloria Marquinez Durán (University of Huelva)
  2. Rafael Berjillos Morente (University of Huelva)
  3. Denitsa Tsenkova Tsoneva (University of Sofia)
  4. Dimitar Todorov Todorov (University of Sofia)
Final presentation (awarded 1st prize in the contest)

D. Nuclear reactions – experimental (supervisors: I. Martel, I. Strojek)

  1. Juan Carlos Rodriguez (University of Huelva)
  2. Konstantin Georgiev Shegunov (University of Sofia)
  3. Łukasz Iskra (IFJ PAN)
Final presentation

E. Nuclear reactions – theory (supervisors: K. Rusek, N. Keeley, K. Kemper) + detector tests (supervisor: A. Kordyasz)

  1. Katarzyna Hadyńska-Klęk (University of Warsaw)
  2. Martín Esteban Corrales Quesada (University of Huelva)
  3. Dinko Atanasov (University of Sofia)
Final presentation

F. Fast timing (supervisors: S. Lalkovski, P.J. Napiorkowski)

  1. Javier Melendez Fernandez (University of Huelva)
  2. Manuel Ángel Castañeda Roldán (University of Huelva)
  3. Desislava Petkova Ivanova (University of Sofia)
Final presentation (awarded 2nd prize in the contest)

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. All materials in this page reflect the views only of the authors, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.