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Heavy Ion Laboratory Prize, founded by prof. Inamura

The prize was established by Professor T.T. Inamura who had worked as a visiting professor in the Heavy Ion Laboratory in years 1998-2002 and made a great contribution to HIL development. Award in the amount of 5.000 USD is presented every second year to recognise and support young researchers having outstanding experimental or technical achievements in the field of nuclear and atomic physics or related subjects. The awarded results should be obtained by using the Warsaw Cyclotron or other HIL apparatus. Candidates must be scientists or PhD students below the age of 36 on the day of application.

The Prize winner is selected from among submitted applications by the Jury. The five members of the Jury are elected by the Laboratory Council for 4 years terms. In years 2012-2016 the members of the Jury are:

Prof. Zenon Janas
Prof. Jan Kownacki
Prof. Adam Maj
Prof. Adam Sobiczewski
Prof. Jan Żylicz (head).

Dr Marcin Palacz is a secretary of the Jury.

Applications may be submitted by:

  • scientists specialising in the field of nuclear or atomic physics and related subjects;
  • candidate him(her)self;
  • Faculty Councils or Scientific Councils.
The application should include:
  • a letter to support the application;
  • candidate's CV;
  • list of publications.

In case of PhD students the application should also contain the recommendation letter from applicant's supervisor, including information on the prepared PhD thesis, its progress, and the expected completion time.

The most important selection criterion is the candidate's academic achievement demonstrated by publications in the international journals. Achievements in the field of interdisciplinary applications of the HIL cyclotron are highly valued.

Applications for the 2014 edition should be submitted by 31 October 2014 to nagroda@slcj.uw.edu.pl.

For further information please contact the secretary of the Jury, at palacz@slcj.uw.edu.pl, tel. +48-22-5546206.