The 26th World Conference of the INTDS
organised by Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz
and GSI Helmholtzzentrum für Schwerionenforschung Darmstadt
took place in Mainz Germany in Erbacher Hof conference centre on August 2012


This time Accolades goes to organisers of two events organised at the same place and the same time:
26th INTDS conference and
4th Target Fabrication Workshop .


Both meetings, that gathered 115 participants from 20 countries, took place at the Conference Centre of the Erbacher Hof giving this way opportunity to the both communities: laser target and nuclear target community to attend presentations chosen on individual interest. The sessions of both meetings were held parallely with two joined sessions.

Thanks for effort on both sides: to Bettina Lommel and Birgit Kindler from GSI and to Klaus Eberhardt from JG University Mainz representing the INTDS community and to Gabriel Schumann from Technical University Darmstadt Detector & Target Laboratory Institute for Nuclear Physics representing the TFW that in result gave us this unique opportunity to learn about achievements successes but as well problems related to preparation of each type of targets.

The special thanks go to: Sarah Hebel, Katharina Kupka, Christoph Mokry, Dennis Renisch, Jörg Rumke, Petra Sach-Muth, Gitta Schausten, Petra Thörle-Pospiech  for their help and support before and during the conference.

And to those who added their effort helping to organise visits to GSI and to research reactor TRIGA at Mainz University.


The Proceedings assembling the contributions to both meetings is published at Journal of Radiochemistry and Nuclear Chemistry, JRNC 229 (2014).

This year, at a banquet of conference the Society's Award of recognition for service to the Society and/or development of the target preparation technique was handed, unfortunatelly in absentia, to SCOTT AARON from Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA. (ASt)



Participants of both events at the courtyard of the Erbacher Hof

(to see larger photo please click here)


Photo from visit to GSI can be found here





 posted by ASt: 30 October 2013