The 25th World Conference of the INTDS
was hosted by TRIUMF National Laboratory and Advanced Applied Physics Solutions (AAPS)
in Vancouver, BC, Canada on 12 17 September, 2010



Accolades to TRIUMF National Laboratory, Advanced Applied Physics Solutions (AAPS) and Stefan Zeisler for organising and hosting the very successful 25th World Conference of the INTDS.

The special thanks goes to Jana Thomson, Lorraine King, Sandi Miller, James Somerville, Julius Klug and Vinder Jaggi for their help and support before and during the conference.


The 39 participants representing 11 countries presented 32 technical contributions on various techniques of target preparation. The Proceedings assembling the contributions are published as a special issue of ELSEVIER's Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research -A (NIM A 655) and are available on-line since September 2011. (ASt)





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