Conference 2016





The 28th World Conference of the INTDS

organised by
the iThemba Laboratory for Accelerator-Based Sciences
which took place in
Stellenbosch, South Africa, from 13 to 18 November 2016
was a great event.


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How can the targetmaker, being neither writer nor poet, express gratefulness for the atmosphere of this meeting, the hospitality, and bonhomie, we the meeting participants encountered everywhere during our stay in South Africa?

The 28th INTDS Conference was a splendid, unforgettable time the meeting attendees had in Stellenbosch.


During the 28th edition of the INTDS World Conference we had not only series of interesting talks on target preparation but thanks to efforts of the organisers, Ntombizonke Kheswa and her team, we got a chance to have a glimpse into very interesting studies performed by students coming from various South African universities. We had remarkable discussions with them not only during poster sessions but during coffee breaks as well. This fresh addition to the programme of our meetings was very much appreciated by us. All together we had 40 oral presentations (including 4 invited talks) and 10 posters. The 59 conference attendees represented 16 countries from Africa, Europe, Asia and North America.

And those evening sessions in Stellenbosch !!!.




The Proceedings with the contributions to the meeting are published in AIP Conf Proceeds, 1962, 1, (2018). The topics of the evening sessions are not included.


The visit to the iThemba LABS laboratories was not only a very interesting scientific event but as well a fantastic trip through science and its applications with young enthusiastic guides.


(for bigger view click on drawing)

Two extra “cherries on the cake" were added to the tour after visiting the iThemba facilities. First - the barbeque organised for the meeting participants after the tour and the second, the SUPER MOON. Was it a coincidence??




And this was not all. The trip through the vineyards and visit to the lion orphanage Drakenstein Lion Park at Paarl was for many of us the only chance to see an other side of South Africa.



Enough? No. The conference banquet was organised in the historic property, Nooitgedacht Estate, in neighbourhood of Stellenbosch, dating back to 1774, where marvelous vine (we had chance to taste it during our banquet) has been produced for a few centuries.




The atmosphere of this official dinner party very quickly become informal and all enjoyed dancing in this beautiful house hosting our banquet.




But during the banquet there were as well more formal moments like, for example, handing the traditional INTDS award to Anna Stolarz from Heavy Ion Laboratory, University of Warsaw, Poland. (ASt)



We all want to come back




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