Our library is giving you the access to the proceedings of early INTDS meetings printed as internal reports of the institutions hosting the meetings. Availability of these proceedings become very limited with time and especially new members of the INTDS have had problems with access to the articles presented at the meetings held before 1984 i.e. before regular publishing of the proceedings as special issues of the Nuclear Instruments and Methods.

The relevant article can be searched using the INTDS bibliography index that for the first time was distributed in the printed form in 1984 to participants of the 12th INTDS meeting. Its 421 entries were sorted either by the author or topic or element.

In 1992 during the INTDS meeting index, amended, expanded and, much more importantly, converted into an electronic form was distributed to the meeting participants on floppy disk.

What a work !!!!
Many thanks to Judith and Marjolie, Piotr and Charles for their painstaking efforts!!!!

Each entry of the index consists of author names, paper title, journal/report name, volume, etc. The keywords , based on 'topic index' defined by Judith and Marjolie, added in 1992 to the each entry significantly speeded up the search for the relevant articles. Those keywords, updated several times since their first listing, are highly recommended to be used, if appropriate, by authors in new publications.

Index converted into a web format since 2002 has become available on the Society's web site where search for the articles can be performed directly.