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Election of Directors


At the fall of 2020 the term of four INTDS directors (currently held by Ntombizonke Kheswa, Goedele Sibbens, Christelle Stodel, Yoshio Yamazaki) is expiring and new directors have to be elected by the members of the Society.


The nominating committee ( Hironori Kuboki, Bettina Lommel (Chair), and Dannie Steski) presents a selection of candidates for your consideration but you are free to suggest any other INTDS Member. If your candidate agrees and can comply with the obligations of a Board member (see by-laws & guidelines of the board member election). The written agreement signed by the candidate has to be submitted, together with nomination, to Bettina Lommel - chair of the nominating committee.


The candidates selected by nominating committee (in alphabetical order):

Matthew Gott (Argonne National Laboratory, USA)

Ntombizonke Kheswa (iThemba LABS, South Africa)

Kristian G. Myhre (Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA)

Goedele Sibbens (EC-JRC-IRMM, Belgium)
Anna Stolarz (Heavy Ion Laboratory, University of Warsaw, Poland)

Wim Weterings (CERN, Switzerland)
Masahiro Yoshimoto (J-PARC Center, Japan)
Stefan Zeisler (ARTMS Inc., Canada)

This year, due to the COVID-19 situation and cancellation of the meeting planned for September 2020, the candidates were introduced to the members in the document distributed by e-mail in the mid-September. Before making your final selection of the new directors, (max. 4; ballots with ‘Yes’ marks for more than four names will be disregarded) please give your time to get familiar with the candidates profile and keep in mind that directors should represent, as far as possible, different geographical locations.


The ballot, for recent election, can be found here.


The ballots should be returned to the chair of the nominating committee by post or by e-mail
before 15 October 2020 (address is given on the ballots)



published: September 2020